The Geek In Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

So Final Fantasy 14 ARR is finally up again and this time it’s open beta; meaning many will be dying to get in. Apparently my guild leader thought Masamune is a good server start out and being the loyal obedient sheep member I am, I followed his lead…Only to find that the server is CONGESTED. Filled with both legacy (players who have been playing before AAR) and the non-legacy (noobs like me) players that thought that Masamune is a good server candidate; resulting in a laggy and packed server. The server was down most of the time and I finally got in after 4 hours of wait. By that time its already 2 am in the morning and I am dead tired. Not everybody got into the server, some are still moaning and whining about not being to get in but thankfully I am one of the lucky ones that made it.

Rants aside.  In case you are wondering, this is the screenshot of me with my pikachu Topaz Carbuncle. FF14 has a new class during this beta called the pokemon trainer Arcanist. Limsa Lohan (the starting city for these trainers Arcanist) really looked like Pallet Town when every damn player rolls an Arcanist (me included…but I am special so it doesn’t count HAHA. Not). So what do I think of the Arcanist? Well it’s an awesome class. For starters, it uses a book as weapon and also as medium to cast spells. Imagine all the geeky bookworm puns you can make out of this class? How can it not be awesome? In fact seeing how the Carbuncle sparkle, I am suspecting it’s a Twilight novel.


Jokes aside, for those who are really curious, the Arcanist is a very flexible class that can both heal and damage enemies with DoTs. While the Thaumaturge nukes, the Arcanist kills you softly and slowly. The Arcanist’s spells on it’s own usually only deal half a Thaumaturge’s nuke, but with the Arcanist’s pet,  it evens out the damage difference. So it kinda a pet reliant class and for those who has never played anything besides WoW in their entire life, it’s similar to the Warlock but without the Destruction tree spec.


The Arcanist can get 2 more advance classes upon level 30 and 15 levels into either the Conjurer or Thaumaturge class. If you are into supporting and healing, you can opt to become a bigger geek, nerd and bookworm. Presenting the scholar. While her heals does look a bit lack luster, it’s by all means, NOT weak if you take into consideration of her fairy’s ability which can also heal and buff.  One more thing worth noting about the Scholar is due to her Aetherflow skills she learns as an Arcanist, it’s much harder for her to actually go OOM half way healing a raid encounter. Why would I want this geek healing me you ask? Well because if you are a Paladin, the best class to heal you is actually the Scholar and NOT the White Mage.  The Paladin has lots of damage mitigation which when combined with the Scholar’s shield and damage mitigation spell as well, is very effective compared to the White Mage’s heal (which probably overheals due to the Paladin’s low HP pool).  The White Mage is more suited to heal the Warrior which has much higher HP pool and because of that, also benefits greatly from Granite Skin. So before you dis this bookworm for being useless, be sure to know her strength.

“OMG books are like…so boring and support/healing role is for care bears.”  you say? You don’t like reading? Then why did you roll an Arcanist? But no matter Square Enix has just the class for you. Want to set things on fire? Get 15 levels into Thaumaturge in addition to your 30 levels of Arcanist and you get yourself the….Summoner.

FFXIV_Summoner_ArtworkAs it’s name suggest, the Summoner summons more than gay faries and cute fluffy electric rodents. He summons awesome stuffs to his aid. Stuffs like Ifrit, Garuda and Titan; but just to make things clear, you don’t really summon the REAL Ifrit per se. Just their spirit fragments (sorta); otherwise it will be freaking weird having every Tom, Dick and Harry summoner running around with their Ifrit with generic names like Bob and Jane. Unlike the Scholar, the Summoner is a more offensive oriented class that utilizes summons to overwhelm it’s foe by over-buffing them.

So here comes the million dollar question. Scholar or a White Mage? Summoner or Black Mage?


To make things simple, if you are choosing between the two for a support/healing class and if you want a class that specializes in healing and status recovery go for the White Mage. The White Mage’s healing spells are much more potent than the Scholar’s.  If you are looking for a class that has a similar game play  as the Discipline Priest in WoW, go for the Scholar which has access to very strong buffs (30% spell cast time reduction/30% attack haste), reliable heals, damage reduction and shields.

For damage dealing role, if you are looking for direct nukes with great CC, the Black Mage is for you. If you are good in micro-managing stuff you should probably go for Summoner. The Summoner has skills that improve pet damage and also DoTs that slowly saps out life from it’s target and no one can deny how incredibly potent this is (those who main Warlock in WoW will get what I am saying). When the Summoner applies all its’ DoTs on it’s target it usually a very bad thing for the target. Even though the class lacks a nuke, all the over time damage + the summon damage will eventually be on par with the Black Mage’s nuke if not even more (forgot to mention, the Summoner gets a skill that allows their pet Limit Break, like an Ifrit using Hell Fire. You know… signature move) . Also do notice that I have not even mentioned the summon’s own innate abilities and CCs, micro-managed well, a Summoner is a walking avatar of disaster with cool body guards. 🙂

That said, the new Arcanist job is and will be a great addition to the game. Can’t wait for classes like Samurai to be implemented ! So what are your thoughts for the Arcanist ? 🙂


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