Brief Look into FF14’s New Dungeon and PvP Arena, Wolf’s Den.

New dungeons for FF14 ! I do hope that these dungeons will be much harder than the beginner’s dungeons.  Also it seems that the Wolf’s Den, FF14’s PvP arena is looking great as well. Initially, I wasn’t expecting much of it due to the nature of the game’s battle system. But seeing the positive feedbacks in reddit and also of the screenshots, it does seem to look good. Can’t wait for the pre-release! 😀

Speaking of pre-release have you registered your 18-digits pre-order codes yet? Square Enix’s server is currently congested and many are having problem to register their codes so if you get Error 3 or if it ask you to try again, do as it says, try again later. Once you register your 18-digits code, you will be given another 20-digits code to register. Make sure that you are registering the right account too! NA account, NA code. EU account, EU code.

Annoying I know. Square’s account management sucks.

Peace out!


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