Will EverQuest Next be The Next Guild Wars 2?

I’ve learnt my lesson since Guild Wars 2 not to get too hype up on any games. The game sure looks darn good but will it be another Guild Wars 2? Over-hyped? Guild Wars 2 is a good game; don’t get me wrong; but it was so over-hyped and expectations were sky high;  sadly most of them were unmet. EverQuest Next will not be utilizing the holy-trinity of class roles as well. Meaning no tanker, healer or damage dealer. In Guild Wars 2, that didn’t worked out too well and dungeon runs were usually kite fests and chaotic…I wonder how it will be for EverQuest? Will it truly be ‘Next-Gen’ as claimed? Though from what I’ve seen from the video so far, it does seem so.  Dispensing content creation to players is a freaking smart move I admit lol.

Honestly, between TESO and EverQuest Next; I am looking forward to EverQuest. No idea why; most probably because Bethesda just like posting updates on TESO but never actually dispense enough beta keys for testers like me to try the game. Those damn trolls. Pfft.


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