The Design of F2P Mobile Games

I read this article today in Nintendo Life and I’ve have to say I agree with the comments at the site that most free-to-play mobile games sucks. I’ve never liked playing free mobile games. If I have to choose, usually I would prefer to play one that is not free. Unlike a game that is bought and then played, a F2P game doesn’t offer you the full ‘fun’ experience of a game unless you access their cash shop.

A game is never truly free and developers need to eat as well, so in order to make gamer spend their cash; they implement designs that prevents the ‘fun factor’ unless money is spent. To put it very rudely and harshly; it’s called cock blocking and it’s annoying. I would rather pay for a full game and experience everything that the game has to offer at one go.

Not many were able to pull off a successful F2P game. As far as I know League of Legends is a great F2P game and a more recent one will be Phantasy Star Online 2. Many will disagree with PSO 2 but seriously, if you compared it other cash shop-centric MMOs out there (not naming names in case of rabid fan bois), PSO 2 is still fine and not as bad.

If you haven’t check out the link yet, do check it out. It’s an interesting read. 🙂



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