The Story So Far [FF14]

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Early access for FF14 started last Saturday and it’s great to see a lot of new stuffs and things going on in the game. So to those who are playing the game what did you accomplish so far? I have friends who got their job crystals already but personally I am still leveling my sub-classes so what I don’t need to worry about them later.

P/S For those who haven’t check out Lodestone do check it out as it is “facebook-ala-finalfantasy”. Here is my profile. =P Feel free to follow me! If you don’t have a FC (guild) yet, you can find it easily here.


Here are some very good tips for those who is playing the game as I am playing it at the moment (leveling sub-classes) and to those who wants to level fast.

  • Make use of fate chains that grants exp bonus as you kill monsters…non-stop. This can be done with either in a party of where you have a tank lure mobs, healer heals the tank and dps burns down the mobs. The exp you gained in party is not divided; meaning each of your party members gets the full exp amount (higher level character gets lesser, lower character gets more. So go to somewhere with higher mob levels).  If you don’t have a party; don’t despair. Another good alternative is FATE events that spawns mobs continuously. Use any ranged instant skill to immediately tag a mob so that whoever kills it you get the full exp. Keep tagging enemies in the battle field and you will be VERY surprise by the amount of exp you gained. Of course if the mob you tag are low level, your exp gained will be much lower. So try to find a higher level FATE with higher level mobs.
  • One good way to level a sub-class is actually by switching from your main class to your sub-class just before FATE completion. You will realize your sub-class will gain the exp as if he participated in that FATE (but the exp you gained in your sub-class will be scaled by level). You might wonder the benefit in doing this; one of them is that you kill things faster as your main spec (thus contributing more to the FATE = more exp) and it’s also safer. So kill with your main class and then switch to your sub-class to reap the reward (if you change your job fast enough just before the event ends, your sub-class will not suffer the exp penalty). 🙂


Oh one more thing, for those who are wondering how to get the Magitech mount; you can acquire it upon completing your level 50 main quest while the unicorn mount is acquired from a WHM quest. That’s all I can tell you. =P Well then; until next time! Ciaoz.


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