When Your Folders Become Dungeon Maps And Obstacles [Kickstarter]

Looking at my posts these few days, it suddenly dawn on me that I’ve only being talking about Final Fantasy and nothing else. I’ve given Square Enix so much free publicity for free and this gotta stop. People are actually PM-ing me and asking me about the game as if I am promoting the game when I am actually not.  So today I shall bring to your attention of a very interesting game from Kickstarter that was intro-ed to me by my friend.

[KickStarter] AdventurOS
Link : http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/adventuros

A platformer game but not your usual platform-jumping game. Why you ask? Because the dungeon is an interpretation of your desktop file system. So each new level of the dungeon is actually one level deeper into your sub folders. Very interesting concept I wonder how it will turn out ? This indie game will be released for the Mac, PC and Linux.

I am kinda curious what will happen to my porn anime, videos and music files if I run this game. Are you curious? Are you dying to know!? If you are, please do check it out and also help to kickstart them! 🙂


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