Level-5’s Multi-Platform Wonder, Wonder Flick (excluding 3DS)


Besides being an avid MMO enthusiast, I am a huge JRPG fan and speaking of JRPG, Level 5 announced a new game called Wonder Flick for the PS4, PS3, WiiU, IOS and Android platform. If you watched the video above, you will see that the graphic is actually not that great and it can actually run on the 3DS as well. I really wonder why it will not be on the 3DS (or the 2DS if you haven’t caught the news by now).

PS 4 / Xbox One version of the game.

Mobile Version

While the game concept does kinda cool from the video, I do hope that it will not end up as another F2P garbage.  There is a trend in the JRPG market where more and more games port and integrate mobile devices as part of their game.  In case you wondering which game I am talking about, I am referring to Layton (also by Level-5) and Breath of Fire 6.

While I do have my biases on mobile games, I am still positive that it might work out well and offer and entirely new gaming experience (unlike BoF 6 which made me go “wtf” when I read about it); reason being because they are big names like Nobuo Uematsu (music), Nao Ikeda (char. design) and Takuzō Nagano (boss design).

Totally screaming “DRAGON QUEST”


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