Why I Think Final Fantasy 14 Is Worth Every Single Penny


Running off into the starry skies.

Well hello there! I have being pretty busy these few days due to work and real life (and also gaming. I will be honest). Talking about gaming I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 14 for quite a substantial amount. I am already a level 50 Black Mage. So what do I think of the game so far? Well, it’s fantastic. The game will be even better if not for that dreaded error 1017 and 90k.

Now I would like to talk about the story behind Final Fantasy 14. If I am not mistaken, the one that wrote the story for FF14 is also the one that wrote the story for Final Fantasy Tactics (Ramza) and anyone who played the game will know that it has a very serious tone and has a lot of politics. Is FF14 similar? Well…Not quite. The story starts up light hearted but becomes more and more dark as you progress. It sets up a very dark and serious tone once you reach level 35+. The cut scenes aided story immersion immensely. For the first time in my life I actually stopped and read some of the story line quests. The last time I did that was in WoW years ago. I would dare say, the story/lore (lore might be biased cause I pretty much know every primal and references from other Final Fantasies) rivals even WoW’s story.


Why is it epic? Because it has Ultima. This is the end for our heroes.


…or is it?

A lot of people complained about Final Fantasy 14’s battle system and dungeon difficulty. Yeah it’s pretty dreadful first few levels and the dungeons are easy until you reach level 35 lol. Once you reached level 10+ and start multi-classing, the combat starts becoming interesting. By the time you reach my level, combat will no longer will such a damn bore (unless you are a Conjurer). Dungeons also become VERY interesting once you unlock Qarn as well (level 33? Don’t remember lol). So all in all it’s not as bad as some claimed to be. Mind you I’ve played a lot of action MMOs like Vindictus, PSO 2, Elsword, and Raiderz so you can’t say I am not spoiled by action MMOs; still my verdict on the battle system remains the same; it’s playable and its not as bad as people sees it to be.

As for the end game content, it’s not really lacking. They have an upgraded difficulty for Ifrit and other primals which is tough. Some of the dungeons that are unlocked at 50 like Amdapor Keep is tough as well. If that is not enough, there is also Bahamut Coil; which is a really high tower with multiple floors. You are not expected to finish it in one day. So once you leave the tower and come back, you start off where you left. The best equipment are crafted so if you are tired of raiding (the best raiding gear drops are only slightly weaker than the best crafted gear) you can also try your hand on crafting. So the end game is not boring at all. 🙂 Not to mention there are still many primals that have yet to be fought like Siren and Ramuh but was mentioned in game (Leviathan is another).





Next is the music, ambiance and graphic. It’s a perfect mix. The music is beautiful and good, enhancing the game’s ambiance. While the graphic might not be the best around, it is still pretty beautiful. In a nutshell for us old school gamers, FF14 is a combination of RO/Granaldo Espada (music) + WoW (game play/battle system) + Lineage (game play/battle system). It is this beautiful combination that makes it worth every penny and the subs. So if you and your friends can afford an MMO that requires sub and is looking for a new world to delve into; try Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. 🙂

Below is a rough idea and look into the game’s end story. Contain spoilers. You are warned. =P


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