A Relic Reborn


This blog is not dead yet! What’s up you ask? Well I managed to get my relic weapon and upgraded to +1 (Notice the glow? Yeah it’s awesome). Finally managed to down Titan Hard Mode which is giving me so much trouble that I nearly gave up on the game. Thankfully I pulled it through with a group of great adventurers from the Japanese dungeon finder. In case you are wondering why I nearly gave up, you can watch the video below. Did the dungeon again to help others pass it.

I am from Masamune and if you need my help to run this dungeon, do PM my character, Sora Maru. 🙂 Can also give some pointers on the battle if you need it ! This is an insanely huge retard check. You need a party of players who knows what to expect and knows what Titan is capable off to succeed.

What’s left now is the last raid in the game call Coil of Bahamut that is still yet to be conquered. It has 5 stages and so far the most elite of players only finished the 4th stage. Our guild just finished the 1st stage lol. Also interesting to note that in CoB, accuracy (which is redundant most of the game cause all your skills hits 100% of the time) is very valued for the dps class. If you don’t cap it, you will end up missing most of your attacks. Kinda reminds me of how WoW’s hit rating. Sadly, while it feels good to be able to raid again; at last reality is cruel. My job offers me no time for raiding. 😦 It’s not like back in college time when I can raid without sleeping. I have priorities and responsibilities now. xD


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