Blizzard Goodies From Blizz Con

Nope not dead yet. Just being very busy gaming gwahahaha. Yeah I know I am terrible. No time to waste either because you guys should definitely check out Heroes of The Storm by Blizzard. From the trailer that is just announced just now, it seems like a warcraft + dota hybrid. In a nutshell it’s a Blizzard universe RTS MOBA.

For those wondering what the heck I am talking about here are the trailers.

Interested ? Well CBT registration will be out today (should be later). And if that is not enough Blizzard is announcing the new WoW expansion, The Warlords of Draenor.

New WoW Expansion

Wait there is more ! Blizzard also announced that Hearthstone is going OBT next month! So for those who didnt get into the CBT (like me) you can try it next month ! 😀 Now that’s a lot of good news in one day! For those who are interested in Heroes of The Storm do keep a close eye on the CBT registration. It should be anytime soon.


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