Pokemon X/Y

For those who are wondering what happened to me, nothing much actually happened besides the fact that I dropped FF 14 to play other games. FF 14 wasn’t bad but the fact is FF 14’s raids are very punishing for those who don’t have a dedicated raid group for it. The mechanics of the end game raids requires snap reflexes and team work in order to down them. Unfortunately my group wasn’t exactly the best around both in reflexes and experience. Most of them are playing MMOs the first time and all the constant wiping for 3 weeks and being stuck in the same raid for the same period of time, really burned me out. So that said, I will be taking a break from FF 14 (might be a permanent one too depending on how the games goes) and will be focusing on other games.

Some familiar and new faces. ūüôā

So I have been playing A LOT of Pokemon X of late. Some call it a child’s game but i digress and I call it a game of chess (if you are into it competitively). The graphic of the game have improved a lot this gen and I can’t wait how the next gen pokemon will be. I can see if Game Freak implements romance and dating sim into the game, it will work out VERY WELL. To be honest, I hope they will implement it next gen. It doesn’t have to be perfect and they can do it like, if you date this certain girl, this certain can make your gameplay easier…etc. ¬†The reason I say this is because of a certain NPC in game; Shauna. She seems to have a crush on the male mc and I realized if they do implement some dating sim elements into the game, it will be SOOOO AWESOME. xD¬†Plot wise nothing has change. I do wish that they will make the story darker for the more mature audience though. After all pokemon games are played by gamers of different ages, not just kids.

The new pokemon game includes a lot of online function as well such as online battles, tradings and even online chatting. It’s amazing how you can now battle and trade without having to meet up face to face. For those who are into competitive play as well, EV training has become easier as well as they introduce the Super EV Training this gen. It’s good to see how they lower down the barrier entry for new comers as well into the competitive scene.

Also there is mega-evolution. Yes sounds like something from Digimon but it’s surprisingly refreshing as it adds another layer of gameplay into the battles. Most of the mega-evolved pokemon are cool and down right strong. Like this…

Mega Mewtwo Y. Yeah damn badass in both looks and destructive power.

Another feature they have in game is called the Friend Safari. The Friend Safari takes your 3DS friend list and takes friends that has the Pokemon X game and make them appear on the Friend Safari list. The Friend Safari is small room with a large patch of long grass. For each friend you have on the list; it will contribute to the types of pokemon that appear in that room. Pretty cool huh? Pokemons you normally cant get from the usual story mode can be acquired with the friend safari. Each friend will have 2 (3 if your friend have defeated the Elite 4) random pokemon of the same type assign to them. So more friends = more pokemons. If that is not enough, the pokemon from the friend safari is stronger than usual as they can have hidden abilities and will have at least 2 31 IVs on 2 random stats. So there are actually A LOT of things to do post game. Also certain legendaries are only unlocked post game. You can check THIS out for more info on it. Also includes pokemon available from the safari.

Talking about friend safari. Feel free to add me. PM me if you did add me or just reply to this blog. ūüôā

My safari is normal type.

My safari is normal type.

It is however good to know that NOT ALL pokemon are available from the game and the friend safari. Certain pokemon are still missing and in order to fix that Game Freak will implementing Poke Bank that will enable you to upload your pokemon from previous version onto the cloud and you can then download them into your Pokemon X/Y. The beta service will be free but unfortunately they will be charging the Poke Bank services once it’s out of beta. ¬†This service while good has also cause some complication on my side. Due to the announcement of the service, older pokemon game prices have taken quite a hike. Some are even more expensive than Pokemon X/Y !

For those who are new to the competitive scene let me offer you some sites that will be helpful.

Team Building/Mentor/Guidance/Pokemon Strategies : 




Pokemon Showdown is one of the best team and BATTLE simulator out there. If you want to test your team and try out new strategies, definitely head to the link. Alternatively you can also head to their tutoring chat to ask for team building and battle tips. Smogon is also one of the useful help sites around for pokemon. They separate each pokemon into tiers and they offer in-depth analysis of each pokemon and how they can work in different teams. They also have articles on team building and battle strategies.  Bulbapedia is a good reference site when you need to know the weakness of the pokemon you are facing (especially during online fights =p).

Pokemon Growth and Breeding :

The Chart To The Perfect Pokemon

So if you have Pokemon X/Y and are wondering if you should get competitive (for fun), I’ve already supplied you with all the information and resources you need to know to get started. =P So get on it !


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